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2008-08-12 08:39:43 by Anveer

im workin on a small thing todo with maddness
you can watch what iv done so for i dont no if i am goin to carry on
so thats why i wontdid to show u plz leve a comment
if it is bad ok go really
good or i chud carry on with it thanx
plz give it a score
here /48962_hththt.php

and for people how dont no this the website to upload stuff

and heres some thing else im workin on /50791_new_volcano_fight.fla

this one is about a war goin on tell me wont u think /52236_Untitled-1.php
this is all iv got so far injoy


a day of madness

2008-06-13 03:23:35 by Anveer

iv made a new flash called a day of madness its my fist one so go easy on me
when i was makein it i got board but after a while i remberd tuck out so parts but it came out fine

im in 3 collabs stick boot what was done stick showdown 3 and boomheadshot collab

im staring a new flash its about a brake in real people